Preserving tradition in Sirana Jovanović is the inspiration of the family business. Nowadays, when cheese is made according to all industry and health standards, only the old recipe remains unchanged, so perfect in its simplicity.

About Carski sir cheese

Hard cheese is stored in strictly controlled conditions for five weeks.
Extra hard cheese matures for at least half a year.
Carski Sir cheeses do not have an actual shelf life. Salt is rubbed into the bark as a natural preservative. We do not use artificial colors, flavors or flavor enhancers.

Utmost quality is imperative!

The aromas of fragrant plants intertwine wonderfully and give the cheese an even more intense taste. Classic Carski Sir cheese is enriched with real rosemary, sage, lavender, anise, chokeberries, black truffles...

An interesting taste is achieved when Classic Carski Sir cheese ages long enough in red wine to absorb the warmth of the sun from the local vineyards.