Our story

The story of cheese factory is new and begins a few years ago in Belgrade, where the idea of making cheese is born. In the same way as they used to be made in the old town. Where young housewives cooked, baked and chewed in the same way as others did before them. Learned artifacts would be passed on to their children. And they, regardless of the side of the world, were carrying the tastes of the south in their hearts. To guard them and to enjoy them. Because the tastes of the south are so playful, lifelike, imaginative, intense, seductive ... unforgettable. Indestructible. Because they are part of our tradition, a cure for our souls, a paradise for our senses.

The recipe for making Jovanović family cheese is re-active in cheese factory in Smederevo. The whole family was engaged in the production and distribution of Carski sir cheese.

About Carski sir cheese

From pasteurized cow's milk, the cheese, which in the process of maturation, spends a minimum of five weeks to reach out of the chamber as a hard cheese.

If it lasts for at least six months, an extra hard cheese is produced.

In terms of obtaining a quality end product, it is important to know that natural milk is used, that the cheese is maturing under strictly controlled conditions in the maturing chamber and that there is no artificial flavor, food color or flavor enhancer in the cheese.

Top quality is imperative.

Enjoy discovering new aromas! Carski sir cheese is sold grated or in piece, depending on how it is consumed.